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Fightin' Irish Athletics

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory


Fightin' Irish Athletics

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

Fightin' Irish Athletics

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

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4 years ago @ 5:17AM

A Special Prayer After the Boston Bombings

A special prayer offered in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings from SHC Cross Country and Track & Field coach Andy Chan:

"Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.

It’s been a rough last day for me. I had a lot of friends running Boston and I spent an anxious couple hours yesterday trying to figure out if my friends and their families were safe. It turns out two of them were on the course about 3-5 minutes away from the finish line when the bombs exploded. One man’s wife was in the stands only a couple hundred yards away from the first explosion on Boylston St.

Now that I know they are all OK, I am left to contemplate my feelings and a former Boston Marathon participant, as a lifelong runner and coach of runners, as a citizen who would like nothing more than to see peace reign in our world.

In this day and age, I couldn’t help but spend most of last evening reading e-mails and blogs. My inbox and social media feeds were filled with just one subject. I don’t know why I kept reading but I must have been
subconsciously looking for something.

When I finally turned out the light and went to sleep a little after midnight, I think I had finally found it. I had found something to be hopeful for, which I wanted to do before I went to sleep. I read about the heroism of some first responders. I read about a Google Doc where locals put their address inviting out-of-towners with no place to stay to come to eat and sleep. I read about spectators offering food or a jacket or a hug to confused runners who were told to stop just minutes from the completion of their goal

Our thoughts and prayers are of course with the people and families most directly affected by this tragedy.

But marathoners are nothing if not resilient and so is the human spirit. We cling to the promise that in the joys and pains of life, through triumphs and tragedies, God is with us. And we are not alone.

St John Baptist de la Salle, Pray For Us.

St Vincent De Paul, Pray For Us.

St Louise de Marillac, Pray For Us.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Pray For Us.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts Forever.

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