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Fightin' Irish Athletics

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory


Fightin' Irish Athletics

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

Fightin' Irish Athletics

Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

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1 year ago @ 12:46PM

NEW: Pre-Participation Physical Exam (PPE) and Athletic Participation Forms (Magnus Health)

We are partnering with Magnus Health to collect, manage and electronically store student health information, parent/guardian contact information, Preparticipation Physical Exam (PPE) Form, and electronically complete other mandated athletic participation related forms.  You can find details regarding the privacy and security of this system here.  

This new system will help ensure that accurate and timely information is accessible to parents and appropriate school personnel. It should also reduce the amount of paperwork for parents to complete each year. As this is a web-based system, you will have continuous access to your child’s health record as well as the ability to make updates when needed.

Here is a checklist of things that should be entered into Magnus:

  • Conditional Questions
  • Vital Health Record - Health History
  • Consent to Treat Form
  • Athletic Participation Forms
  • Preparticipation Physical Exam (PPE) Form

And, if applicable:

  • Prescription Medication Form
  • Asthma Action Plan Form
  • Food Allergy Action Plan Form
  • Diabetes Action Plan Form
  • Seizure Action Plan Form

Contact Mr. Sazo if you are having difficulty accessing your Magnus Account.

Freshman (Class of 2023)All students in the class of 2023 are required to submit the Preparticipation Physical Exam Form and Immunization Form through Magnus.  These forms are due August 1, 2019.  These forms are required even if you child is not participating in athletics.  Please contact Mr. Sazo if you are having issues accessing your Magnus account.

Thank you for your timely participation as we launch this program. As always, we are trying to continually improve our services and the experience for our students and families. Included below are links that provide additional background information and resources.  

Questions or problems?

If you are having difficulty navigating the Magnus system, entering data online, or downloading the hardcopy coversheets and forms, or if you have any other questions, please contact customer support at Magnus Health SMRat 877.461.6831.

Also, please feel free to consult the Magnus Health page for Parents and the Privacy and Security page.

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