Head athletic trainer Oscar Melero tapes a student-athlete's wrist.

Sacred Heart Cathedral’s Sports Medicine Program provides an excellent standard of care for our over 650 student-athletes in all 53 teams. The program provides injury prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as implements the ImPACT program, a computerized neurocognitive assessment tool for treating concussions. Our two full-time certified athletic trainers also serve as first responders on campus for the SHC community and provide medical care, education and information on many non-sports-related issues as well as all sports injuries.

Physical Forms

All student-athletes are required to have their medical clearance forms on file before trying out, practicing or competing for any team. This process has two steps:

  1. Complete the Student-Athlete Medical Clearance Forms (includes emergency card,  ImPACT Permission form, Concussion Information form and more) 
  2. Print the Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination form and complete page 1 (including signatures). Do not attempt to submit this form online - that feature is deactivated; it must be printed. Your doctor will fill out page 2 at the time of your physical.

Injury/Illness Physician Form

Injury/Illness Referral Form

Please do not use this form for head injuries/concussions. Instead, use the Physician Note to School form under the Concussion section below.


Heads Up: Reducing the risk of head and neck injuries in football
Home Care Instructions
CIF Return-to-Learn Protocol
CIF Post-Concussion School Accomodations
CIF Return-to-Play Protocol
CIF Post-Incident Physician Note to School Form
CIF Head Injury/Concussion Information Sheet
CIF Fact Sheet for Student-Athletes
CIF Fact Sheet for Parents

For more information regarding concussions, please visit the CIF's website.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Automated External Defibrillators

Sudden Cardiac Arrest
On-Campus AED Locations
Philips AED Demonstration

For more information on sudden cardiac arrest and AEDs, please visit the CIF's website.

Information for Visiting Teams

Most on-site athletic events will be covered by an athletic trainer and provided access to water and ice for injuries. These sports include: girls and boys volleyball, girls and boys basketball, football and wrestling. If you would like to arrange for treatment for a student-athlete, please contact the head athletic trainer, Mr. Oscar Melero, ahead of time at 415.775.6626 ext. 788 or at omelero@shcp.edu

Due to the numerous off-campus sites for outdoor sports, an athletic trainer may not be present for all events. These sites have limited or no access to water or ice for injuries, so we strongly suggest visiting teams bring water, injury ice and a first aid kit. Again, if you would like to arrange for treatment for a student-athlete please contact Mr. Oscar Melero ahead of time. 

Sports Nutrition

Eating Checklist and Game Plan

Staphylococcus Aureus or MRSA Infection

MRSA Patient Information
CIF MRSA Information
Medical Release Form for Wrestler to Participate with Skin Lesion